Selecting a Chicago or Midwest Insurance Policyholder Coverage Firm

You might assume selecting a Chicago or Illinois insurance policyholder coverage law firm would be easy.  Indeed, there are several good candidates if you have an ordinary insurance claim.  However, finding an Illinois policyholder coverage law firm for more technical matters can be difficult, especially for the more complex corporate insurance disputes.

There are many large law firms in Chicago that have insurance coverage practices.  However, the vast majority of these law firms represent the insurance industry and will not or cannot take your case due to conflicts of interest.  There are maybe only 10 to 15 national firms that have substantial plaintiff corporate policyholder coverage practices.  Most of these firms are located on the coasts, and do not have Chicago or Midwest offices that provide insurance coverage expertise.  There are only a few large BigLaw firms that maintain a plaintiff’s corporate policyholder coverage practice in the Midwest or Chicago, Illinois.  All of these firms typically charge high hourly rates commensurate with their corporate practices.  Most do not work on alternative fee arrangements.

For reasons that are unclear, there are not many major law firm boutique spin-offs serving the plaintiff corporate policyholder coverage clientele.  This is unfortunate because in other practice areas such as Intellectual Property, boutiques are oftentimes more nimble, efficient, and willing to accept cases pursuant to alternative fee arrangements, including contingencies. Such focused boutiques can readily provide customer intimate relationships especially when they are geographically located nearby their clients.

The only such dedicated insurance coverage boutique in Chicago and the Midwest with a reputation for representing high-profile corporate policyholders in complex insurance disputes such as asbestos, environmental, Directors and Officers (D&O), Errors and Omissions (E&O), First-Party Property and broker disputes is Hoke LLC.  All of its attorneys provide high quality representation to corporations and other entities in high-value insurance coverage disputes.  It provides the same high level quality more efficiently than its competition, thus minimizing transaction cost and executive distraction.

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