first-party-property-claimsAssessing and, if necessary, litigating first-party property claims, whether they involve business interruption, builder’s risk, or property damage resulting from a natural disaster, requires focused advice from highly experienced lawyers.

Hoke LLC has represented major corporations in jurisdictions throughout the United States in insurance coverage litigation involving first-party insurance claims.


Hoke LLC’s senior lawyers have over 50 years of collective experience in complex insurance coverage litigation.  We have extensive experience in jurisdictions throughout the U.S. in discovery, trial and appellate matters. Corporate clients have trusted us with “bet the company” litigation because we have a long established record of performance and delivery on our promises.  “Our Policy Is to Always Enforce Yours” is our mission statement. It says it all, and it is why we exist.

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Hoke LLC’s attorneys’ track record speaks for itself.  For example, past experience includes:

  • Successful representation through trial and appeal in coverage litigation involving the destruction of a nursing home by a tornado in Western Oklahoma, even though the tornado struck 17 hours after the expiration of the insurance policy.  The case made it all the way to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, where the policyholder prevailed, and then the damages issue was successfully tried.
  • Successful representation of an electric utility in first-party property insurance coverage matters arising out of the catastrophic failure of a hydroelectric dam.
  • Successful representation of a Chicago-area corporation whose business was interrupted by a roof explosion that resulted in denial of access to the building for an extended period of time.
  • Successful representation of an Illinois-based independent power producer in builder’s risk claims arising out of collapse of portion of cogeneration plant during construction in Pennsylvania.

[heading]Insurance Asset Analysis[/heading]

Our insurance analysts and our well-developed strategic partners allow us to quickly and efficiently assess your insurance assets and determine how they can most effectively be deployed.  Because we have such confidence in our judgment in this area, we are willing to bet on our advice and will take cases on contingency.

[heading]Negotiation/Claims Presentation[/heading]

Our preferred goal is to collect your insurance, not to litigate with all of the cost, headache and distraction.  Successful settlement without the need to litigate entails a keen understanding of the leverage points associated with your claim.  We excel in this area precisely because a strong settlement without expensive, time-consuming litigation almost always provides the most value-added service to our clients.