RBG Plastic, LLC, et al. -v- The Webstaurant Store, et al., Case No. 1:18 CV 5192 (N.D. Ill): Charlie is prosecuting trademark infringement claims involving the mark RESTAURANTWARE.

Financial Fiduciaries, LLC et al. v. Gannett, Inc., Case No. 19 CV 874 (W.D. Wis.): Charlie is prosecuting commercial defamation claims on behalf of a financial advisor and its owner against the publisher of the Wausau Dailey Herald.

Corvias Military Living, LLC, et al. v. Ventamatic, Inc., et al., Case No. 14 CV 138 (Gerry Cty., Kansas): Charlie prosecuted product liability and unjust enrichment claims involving bathroom ceiling fans against the product manufacturer. The case reached the Kansas Supreme Court concerning the economic loss doctrine and the integrated systems theory.  310 Kan. 824 (2019).  On remand, the circuit court entered judgment in favor of plaintiffs following a bench trial. 

Nealey Foods, Inc. v. Pete’s Fresh Markets, Case No. 2021 L 278 (DuPage County Circuit Court): Charlie is prosecuting a collection matter on behalf of a meat supply company and a Chicagoland grocery store chain.

Haji-Sheikh v. Northern Illinois University, Case No. 17 CH 103. Prosecution Open Meetings Act claims against NIU.  Judgment for plaintiff. Judge Waller awarded attorney’s fees and costs of $56,878 in favor of plaintiff. 

County of Effingham v. Lakeside EMS, LLC, 18 CH 30 (Effingham County Circuit Court):  Charlie defended an ambulance service against County Board seeking injunctive relief.  Charlie prosecuted counterclaims for civil rights violations.

RBG Plastic, LLC v. First Pack, LLC, Case No. 14 CV 8744 (N.D. Ill.): Charlie prosecuted trademark infringement claims concerning the mark FASHION FOR FOOD.

Thermapure, Inc. v. Temp-Air, Inc., et al., Case No. 1:10 CV 4724 (N.D. Ill.): Charlie defended a restoration company against patent infringement claims involving the use of heat to remediate bed bug infestation.

Blistex Inc. v. Circle Laboratories, Case No. 00 CV 3084 (N.D. Ill. ): Charlie prosecuted a declaratory judgment action for non-infringement of a patent covering disposable facial tissues.  Charlie obtained summary judgment from the district court, which the Federal Circuit affirmed. 34 Fed.Appx. 744 (May 7, 2002).

Kopley Group V, L.P. v. Sheridan Edgewater Properties, Ltd., et al.: Charlie defended the seller of a large residential property against the buyers claims of breach of sales contract, fraud and negligent misrepresentation. Following the award of summary judgment for the defendants, the Court of Appeals, reversed in part, 376 Ill.App.3d 1006 (2007). Upon remand, defense verdict was entered following a bench trial. 

Jamros v. The Mortgage Law Group, LLP, et al., Case No. 13 CV 2099 (N.D. Ill.): Charlie successfully dismissed a putative class action for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

Potentia v. Prairie State, 19 CV 6936 (N.D. Ill.): Prosecution of breach of contract and UCC damaged goods claims against supplier of packaging materials.

Martinez v. Designed Stairs, Inc., Case No. 02 LK 190 (Kane Co. Circuit Ct.): Charlie defended the subcontractor against a product liability and spoliation of evidence claims in a personal injury action. 

Defense of Mold Personal Injury Claims: For over twenty years Charlie has been representing property management companies in the defense of mold personal injury claims brought by tenants.