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Asbestos Insurance Recovery

“Long-Tail” Insurance Recovery:
Asbestos, Talc & Pollution

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Financial Services & Professional
Liability Insurance Claims

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“Maximizing insurance assets requires an intimate knowledge of the hidden corners of coverage law, intricate knowledge of the industry and the relationships developed over a career, any one of which can mean the difference between success and disappointment.”

Maximize Your Insurance Asset

hoke-home-bottomHoke LLC is an insurance coverage boutique.  We represent sophisticated corporate policyholders in complex high-value disputes against their insurers. In addition to our financial and professional liability insurance services, we are nationally known for our work in long-tail insurance recovery.  We are the national leader in talc/asbestos insurance matters after representing the largest industrial talc defendant in its successful Connecticut coverage trial.

All of our attorneys are former large-firm partners or associates.  Our reputation and expertise allows us to accept a limited number of cases at any given time: only matters in which we can add serious value. Given our clients’ prominence and the sensitive nature of the issues we litigate, we strive to be discrete and keep our efforts low-profile.  Because we feel strongly about each assignment we accept, we frequently seek to share in the risk with our clients through alternative fee arrangements.

As an insurance boutique, we do not have the frequent conflicts of interest that can beset our big-firm competition.

“Even if a firm isn’t conflicted because it represents insurers, it is rare for insurance to be a priority.  We are 24/7 policyholder recovery.  It’s why we exist.”