Insurance Bytes

IL App Ct. 2nd Dist. / Sex Abuse: Defense Duty for Additional Insured Because “Willful and Wanton” Not an Independent Tort. Read More »

W.V. Supreme Ct. / Opioids: Injunction Against Parallel CA Coverage Overbroad. Read More »

COVID-19 Case Tracker: Noteworthy COVID Insurance Cases

  • N.D. Ill. / COVID-19: Case Dismissed Because Physical Loss Allegations Conclusory. Read More »
  • 6th Cir. / COVID-19: Closure Orders did Not Trigger Communicable Disease CoverageRead More »
  • 9th Cir. / COVID-19: Virus Exclusion Applicable due to Proximate Cause of Closure. Read More »
  • Fed. N.C. / COVID-19: Allegations of Direct Physical Loss Sufficient – Motion to Dismiss Denied. Read More »

  • Cal. App. Ct. / COVID-19: Loss Caused by Changes to the World Not Physical Damage. Read More »

IL App. Ct. / Additional Insured: Apartment Tenants Coinsured Under Landlord’s Policy for Fire DamageRead More »

6th Cir. / Prior Knowledge: Pre-Policy Knowledge of Contamination Bars Coverage. Read More »
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